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Bringing Hope

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Bringing Hope has the keys to HMP Birmingham having won the trust the organisation over many years.  When something kicks off in prison, Bringing Hope are the first people to whom HMP Birmingham turns.


On the first Damascus Road Prison Programme, we had high profile prisoners that were gang-affiliated from opposite sides. Since the completion of the programme, we have had no gang-related assaults, disturbances or tensions within the prison. There has been no sustained period like that before. We regard this as highly significant.


" What Bringing Hope delivers is culturally competent in a way that other prison courses are not. Black prisoners reported that they felt they could engage in the programme in a way that they did not feel able to on other programmes for fear of being stereotyped.


 Additionally there are not any programmes at HMP Birmingham that directly address gang affiliation, which for many of the prisoners that Bringing Hope engage with is an identified risk factor.


 In terms of rehabilitation and resettlement there are no programmes here that can contribute to reducing this risk other than the Bringing Hope programme. Bringing Hope has the credibility, rapport and trust which are essential for any organisation to begin to tackle this head-on with these individuals.


Bringing Hope doesn’t just work inside the prison. It works with the families of our prisoners. There have been many times when I have called upon Bringing Hope to work with the family of one of our prisoners. Bringing Hope does that and when it does, it has an impact inside the prison as well as in the community.


 In general our prisoners are mistrustful of community groups. They say community groups take money to do jobs that they’re not doing. Bringing Hope is an exception to that. It is transparent, honest and autonomous. It delivers what it says it is going to deliver.


 We think they’re fantastic. They’re an absolute God-send to this establishment and that’s an understatement."


 Adele Kalsi - Race Equality Manager, HMP Birmingham

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