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Bringing Hope

About Bringing Hope

Bringing Hope is a charity based in Birmingham UK that works in prisons and the community with those involved in serious violence and crime.


Families are at the heart of all we do. When we are in contact with someone in need of a second chance, we work with the other significant people in that person’s life.


Some of the individuals we work with have been categorised as ‘hard-to-reach’, ‘problematic’ and ‘marginalised’. We provide one-to-one pastoral care,  family therapy, group work, mentoring and peer support to help develop the hearts and minds of those who need hope most.


We aim to address the root issues of social exclusion and crime. We work with employers and other agencies to help improve our clients’ job opportunities.

We also challenge systems that perpetuate injustice. We act as critical friends to public service agencies whose policies have an impact on those with whom we work.


Our work is governed by a Christian ethos which we uphold by working with people of all faiths and none as we honour the spirituality of all. We are culturally competent – able to relate effectively to people from a range of social contexts, particularly those of an African Caribbean heritage.


Bringing Hope has won a hard-earned reputation for delivery. We work independently and in partnership with other organisations with similar or complimentary goals.


If you want to work with us in any way, please get in touch.

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Bringing Hope

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